Gold Bar Brands

Gold Bars can be found Island wide in Singapore and come in many brands, the below 6 are just a few that are popular in Singapore and typically trade at a higher premium to other LBMA products in the market. 

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100 Gram Bar

ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion

ABC Bullion products are manufactured by ABC Refinery, Australia's only independent gold refiner certified by both the London Bullion Market Association and the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).

100 Gram Bar

Singapore Gold Bars


Argor-Heraeus SA, has its headquarters in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Argor-Heraeus SA is a private company. It is owned by Heraeus Holding GmbH, Commerzbank International SA, the Austrian Mint and Argor-Heraeus management.

100 Gram Bar

Singapore Gold Bars


Metalor Technologies SA, a leading international gold refiner and bar manufacturer, has its headquarters in Neuchâte but more recently Metalor opened its latest refinery here in Singapore.

100 Gram Bar

PAMP Gold Bars


PAMP SA is a global leader in gold refining and the biggest producer of minted bars in the world. PAMP SA is a subsidiary of MKS (Switzerland) SA, a private business based in Geneva.

100 Gram Bar

Perth Mint Bars

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is fully owned by Gold Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Western Australian government. The gold refinery is situated close to Perth International Airport.

100 Gram Bar

Valcambi 100 Gram Bar


Valcambi SA, a major worldwide gold refiner and bar maker, is headquartered in Balerna, about 2 kilometers south of Chiasso in eastern Switzerland.

What do you need to know about buying Gold Bars?

Gold has been an asset since the very beginning of time. People invest in gold for protection, peace of mind, and to diversify their investments. Gold is tangible wealth that you can hold in your hand and pass on to future generations. A Singapore Gold Bar is an investment that is easy to understand and simple to own.

It’s been over 50 years since the first gold bars were produced in Singapore. Today, foreign investors have two options for purchasing gold bars from the country: 1) buying locally-minted gold bars or 2) importing them from a reputable bullion dealer. If you want to buy gold with less of a carbon foot print then going with a local gold producing refinery is the best option.

Gold is the most popular investment in Singapore with most of that held in the form of gold bars being held in storage in the Freeport. In regards to gold bars, there are a few different types to be aware of. Singapore gold bars are a form of investment, and like most investments, they require some research to understand the risks and limitations. Sometimes called “gold bullion” these bars come in weights of 1 ounce, 10 ounces, and 100 ounces. The smaller bars will usually give investors a lower per-ounce price than the larger ones will.

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Buying gold bars is a great way to invest in gold bullion. However, without a little know-how it can be a hard task. Unlike buying gold coins, buying gold bars can be a little more complicated. On this website we will look at a few key areas that will help you in your buying process.


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